Tuesday, 15th May 2012

i starting my activities on 06.00 am.
ya,, i woke up late today, hehe
after that, i bring my towel to take a bath.. because i have to go my collage at 08.00 am.
today, i learn about Perubahan Pendapatan Nasional (Agregrat Expenditure), with my lecturer in middel exam session, he is Mr. Findi, humble and friendly.
it's because of Mr.Nuryantono unable to attend my class..
i'm very sleepy at the time,,i tried to pinch my hand, i drink a lot.. but i still very sleepy..
i slept at 01.00 am last night..
after we go out from the class,, i chit-chat with my classmate about MPKMB 49.
yeah,, i can't believe i have spent 1 year in my collage, oh my god, time flies really fast..
i remember my first time as a student of Bogor Agricultural University, i was ordinary girl from my village.
now,, i signed up for a committe of MPKMB 49.. i hope i can join to become mpkmb's committee.. ^_^


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