Want to Try

hmm.. it's very hard to me, when i tried to speak and write in English..
at first, i still use google translate to look for vocabulary that i dont know.. but i'm sure that tomorrow. i'll be better in writting and speaking english..
i have to force my self to try and try..
now i will try to write in my blog.. not many people know it.. although i false in structure, grammar etc. i'm still study..
yeah,, i regret, why i did not learn to write from the first.. :(
but, nothing word to late, before it's too late i will study hard and try harder..
i sure that Allah will help me.. always blessing me when i try to speaking and writting english.
yeah.. i can do it..! suggestion and motivation for my self..
now, i want to tell you about "talent"
in fact many people have their own talent..
i was 18 yo.. but i still seacrhing my deep talent and try to publish and develop it..
learn from other people..
many people in my collage has to be a succesfull people and to be entrepreuner.
i'm sure that i can also. the next generation in IPB who proud my collage. amiin
i'm realize that ii have not done the best.. i always ask to my self,, when you can doing something that make change your life, your family life..
you have learned from many people in your around..
but you still confused, and scare to action..
i beg and pray to my God.. may you can catch your dream, you have positive side of your life that make you different with other, and you can make your parents and family proud of you..
always remember to pray, try, and tawakkal
to be ikhlas, patient, and dilligent.


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