My Unforgetable Moment ^_^

Yeay, Thanks you very much for giving me a chance, so i can tell you about my unforgetable moment since i school here 3 years ago. Yeah i'm proud of my school, my school was excellent. Day after day, i always together with my favorite school.. I mean, everytime i spent my time in my school. I think my school is my second home, Happy, Sad, Charm, Great and many feelings, i feel with it. I really happy as long as be one of student of SMA N 1 JEPARA. I've gotten some unforgetable and wonderfull moment with it. Nice friends,nice teachers, best experience and many things any more i got from smansara. From zero to almost hero. i think that statement same with my condition now. why do i say like that? at first i didn't know anymore about anything there, and ever thin that i can't make a friendship with the other in jepara. But eventough i come from another region, i can get a lot of nice friends with a lot of charateristics too. But now, i have to leave from this school, i have to separated from my friends and my teachers. but, hopefully i can leave from here with my nice smile and satisfied feelling. I hope so.
WISH ME LUCK, My Friends, My teachers.. ^^


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